Physics and toys

Physics around us

Physics around us

What is Mechanics? A part of the car which always breaks down?
  And Thermodynamics? A kind of aerobic, but in hot springs?

These are branches of Physics. Mechanics is a Science of motion, and thermodynamics – is a science of heat.
And what is Physics?
– Physics, by an ancient thinker, Aristoteles, is the knowledge of Nature,
  i.e. on everything that you can touch.
– So I can touch Physics?
– Sure! And everything that you can NOT touch was, by Aristoteles,
  called extra-nature or metaphysics.
So may I play with it
– Sure! And you will certainly discover something.

Welcome to playing-with-everything-that-you-can-touch. At least virtually, i.e. on the computer screen.

(And what we can not touch, let’s leave it to meta-physicist.)

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